GTM Strategy Product Thinking & Analytics, Prototype
Tech, Research, UX Stake holder communication, Design
GTM Strategy Product Thinking & Analytics, Prototype

What you will learn

Week 1

Customer Discovery
Customer discovery questionnaire
talking to the target audience
This will help you develop a product that customers need and for which they are willing to pay

Week 2

Branding and Content
creating brand identity and compelling content that helps you reach your potential customers
Branding: Selecting color palettes, sourcing icons, and illustrations, creating logos, and many more
This will help establish a brand that resonates with your target audience

Week 3

Designing and Prototype.
Basics of UX Design
Wireframing in Figma

Week 4

Building with No-Code Tools
Fundamentals of understanding how to build with no-code tools
Webflow mastery
Airtable: data management & integration
Zapier: Automation

Week 5

Building with No-Code Tools
Glide: build mobile apps
Demo session on building MVPs using these tools
No-code X AI

Week 6

Tracking & Analytics
Learn the tools to track user behavior, defining goals
Optimizing the user experience for your target audience
this will help you to learn product analytics and metrics
Clear upfront pricing. No confusion.

Week 7

Presentation and Story-Telling
Business Story Telling
Crafting Presentation with Canva
3 rounds of feedback included.
Clear upfront pricing. No confusion.

Week 8

Fundamentals of  Digital Marketing  and Marketing Funnel
Show some proven strategies to attract an audience & convert them into paid users
Creating a compelling Value Proposition
Customer Acquisition Strategy

Week 9

Fundraising, Incubators & Accelerators
Overview of different fundraising options: bootstraps, angel Investment, VCs
Tips on getting into Incubators & Accelerators
Importance of Networking with Investors and Fellow Founders

Tools You will Learn

Acquire practical proficiency in the tools utilized by seasoned product managers to achieve success

Program Highlights

10 Weeks

Weekly 2 Classes with flexible schedule


Weekly Mentorship with great startup founders

10+  Projects

Every Week Case studies and Real world Project

Our curriculum covers every step from idea to launch
Careerboat No-Code X AI is an program for entrepreneurs to build their startup idea (MVP) with no-code and AI tools to  launch their business the smart way.
Build Apps
you will learn the fundamentals of building with apps without writing a single line of code.
Learn  Design
Learn to design, wireframe and prototype your applications in figma and other tools
Learn Branding
Establish a cohesive and impactful brand that resonates with your target audience.
Learn Marketing
We will show you several strategies and tactics to Market your Product effectively

Companies That are hiring  Product Roles

Cohort  schedule

These are weekly recurring sessions and learning activities scheduled throughout the duration of this program.

Core session
Sat, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (IST)
Sat, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (IST)
Wed, 6:00 PM- 8.00PM
Sat, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (IST)
Interview Prep
Case Studies
Wed, 6:00 PM- 8:00 PM
Sat, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (IST)
Interview Prep

Boss Up Your Financial Game!

We Don't Make Train. We Make Train Better.

Be your own Yoga Guru

We Don't Make Train. We Make Train Better.

Speaking out without blowing up your career

We Don't Make Train. We Make Train Better.

Boss Up Your Financial Game!

We Don't Make Train. We Make Train Better.

Boss Up Your Financial Game!

We Don't Make Train. We Make Train Better.

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How do you ensure a seamless user experience throughout the product lifecycle?


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StartupHustler here. Any tips for managing products in a startup with tight resources?


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Hey team! What's your go-to prioritization method in product management?


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How's data influencing your product decisions lately?


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Tips on negotiating compensation and other "benefits" at a startup?

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Tips on negotiating compensation and other "benefits" at a startup?


16 Answers
This Mentorship Program was Game Changer for me.
Highly recommend it for anyone looking to fast-track their growth in No-Code & AI !"

Ashish Hegde


Being an entrepreneur, I thought I knew everything about product management. This course proved me wrong in the best way possible. The hands-on experience of 1:1 mock interviews and the practicality of weekly assignments were invaluable


Growth Marketer

No-Code X AI with Marketing

uprgade your skills and invest in your growth  
Tech Professional Transitioning to Entrepreneur

Transitioning from a technical role to founder seemed like a daunting task until I enrolled in this program.

Who can Enroll in  this program

College Students
Product Aspirants
Startup Founders

Frequently Asked Questions


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Be a part of our product commmunity

I can't emphasize enough how transformative this 10-week Startup Nocode and AI course has been for my career.

Shradha M
Graduate Student Aspiring to become startup founder

Learning with expert mentors gave me real-world insights, and the weekly assignments kept me engaged. The graduation project not only helped me build a robust product portfolio but also boosted my confidence.

Harsh Sharma
Startup Enthusiast

 I now navigate the Startup landscape with ease, thanks to this comprehensive and hands-on program!

Ankit Agarwal
Engineering Student

What is Careerboat No-Code X AI Course?

Our No code X AI flagship  is a comprehensive online program designed to facilitate a smooth transition into a Entrepreneurship career. This 10-week course is conducted through live Zoom sessions, featuring experienced product management executives as instructors and mentors. Participants gain a deep understanding of no code tools, Design,Buidling MVPs engage in case studies, receive assistance with doubt resolution, and benefit from valuable feedback.

Who is eligible to apply for  program?

The CareerBoat PM course welcomes applications from individuals seeking a career in product management, without any specific prerequisites for minimum experience, CGPA, or degree/specialization. Anyone aiming to transition into a new role is eligible to apply for the program.

Will this program help me in launching my own startup?

this program is designed to significantly boost your chances of becoming a startup founder . With tailored services like No code tools, and expert guidance, we ensure you're well-prepared for the competitive  market. Our focus on building a compelling portfolio will make you stand out, increasing your prospects with potential employers. While we can't guarantee jobs, our commitment to your career acceleration sets the stage for success.

Do I have to attend all of the live sessions in real-time?

 Attending live sessions is highly encouraged for direct interaction and optimal learning. However, if scheduling conflicts arise, session recordings are available, ensuring you won't miss valuable content. Your flexibility is important, and we're here to support your learning journey.

I have a full-time job. Will I get enough time to take this program?

Absolutely! Our program is designed to accommodate the schedules of full-time professionals, requiring just 10-12 hours per week. You'll find it manageable without compromising your job commitments.

What is the application process for the Program?

To enroll in the Careerboat No Code X AI , there's no formal application process. You can quickly secure your spot by clicking "Enroll Now" and completing the payment.

I am from a non-tech background, will that affect my chance of becoming a Startup founder ?

While a non-tech background won't hinder your chances of becoming a Startup founder , it's beneficial to have a basic understanding of technology for effective collaboration with engineers and making informed technical decisions. Our program includes a dedicated module on tech to equip you with the necessary knowledge required for the role.

am a student, will this program help me in cracking a PM role?

Attending all sessions and excelling in assignments throughout the program will greatly enhance your chances of securing a Product Manager role. Completing the program will provide you with a standout product portfolio, making you an attractive candidate for APM positions.

Is this a paid program?

Yes. Once your application is accepted, you need to pay early-bird fee of INR 21,999. Once the early-bird seats are over, the program fee will be INR 40,999.